FC Meyer Recycled Paperboard Utilization

The paperboard used in our Kraft Meyerpak Specification is made from 100% recycled fiber that is composed of 58% post consumer waste content. Our unique process in treating this paperboard while the package is being manufactured enables us to use the most highly recycled paperboard available. This super-converting process allows the conversion of a non-coated, ubiquitous paperboard to be used for protective food packaging. This paperboard prints, coats, and scores just as well as more expensive, less environmentally efficient virgin fibre.

When you select a paperboard for your packaging, consider your customer and their awareness of the environmental effect that packaging can have on the waste-stream. With our high PCW (Post Consumer Waste) content, your package will protect not only your product but the environment as well.

Paperboard Alternative for Your Take Out Packaging

Is your current carryout food package non-recyclable? Learn how FC Meyer Packaging can help you transition from non-recyclable to paperboard packaging.