MeyerPak Fried Chicken Takeout Boxes

MeyerPak takeout boxes are the ideal carryout or eat-in solution for chicken tenders, nuggets, wings, chicken and waffles, or a 12 piece family pack.  A specialized interior coating along with natural venting prevent leaks and allow contents to maintain the fried, crispy texture.  On the exterior of the packaging, an exclusive patent pending anti-fingerprint coating prevents staining any visual defects from back-of-the-house handling

Our patent pending two-cell dividers provide outstanding packaging for combo orders. Our food separators keep apart combos like chicken and fries, buffalo wings and celery/dressing or nuggets and dipping sauces.  The dividers also help separate different flavored wings in the same order.

Meyerpak boxes range in size to accommodate several order types, from individual 2-3 piece orders to family-size for up to 12 bone-in fried chicken pieces.

Barn Boxes for Large Orders

For fried chicken orders between five and 10 pounds.  Our traditional, white, large-order Barn Boxes feature handles for easy carry and are coated with a high gloss finish to resist staining.  These convenient sizes are excellent for individual and family size combo orders that include additional foodstuffs like fries or hot packaged sides such as green beans, baked beans, corn, or mashed potatoes.

Small Order-sized Boxes

Our economical, easy setup MeyerSnack box is the perfect size for two-to-three pieces of chicken or a kids order of tenders or nuggets with a small side.  This box has vented apertures to allow food to retain its texture.