Salad Bar

Self-serve salad bars are serviced well by the FC Meyer MeyerPak™ Kraft and MeyerWindow™ boxes. Our Kraft MeyerPak™ boxes in the #1, #2, #3, #4 and #8 sizes are perfect for self-serve salad bar services. In addition to being exterior web corner glued to prevent interior seal contamination, our exclusive exterior anti-fingerprint coating keeps your packaging looking fresh and your customers happy as they are not eating out of a greasy looking, stained package.

Grab & Go Salads and Sandwiches

Our MeyerWindow™ boxes are excellent for prepackaged grab & go salads and lunch boxes.
Pre-garnished, grilled chicken, Cobb, steak and tuna nicoise salads are great profit boosters for the deli and hotel bistro self-serve cases. Our large window size and 4 point lock system makes this box attractive and secure.


Our Sand Wedge boxes are the most attractive way to sell grab and go sandwiches. We have the most popular sizes and a special half sandwich size that is excellent for the deli to bundle with either a salad or soup.

Hot Food Bars

In addition to salad bars, our product does equally well in self-serve hot buffet bars.

Olive Bar

There are certain self-serve applications where monitoring package content is important. For example, self-serve olive bars are offered at a higher price per pound than regular salad bars. If a customer helps themselves to olives with a little salad, that sale is a loser. A window salad box placed at the olive bar will eliminate this problem.


Many supermarkets are now offering self-serve in regards to rolls, croissants, bagels, muffins and other baked goods. A window box here will allow cashiers to see exactly what is in the box so it can be priced accordingly.