Sandwich Takeout and Window Boxes

MeyerPak and MeyerWindow sandwich boxes provide protective interior and exterior finishes that keeps freshness in and refrigerated moisture out.  Our takeout boxes are designed for appetite appeal and ease of operation.  Window boxes use EZ2C window material that is fog resistant and ultra-clear.

Half Sandwich Boxes

For catering trays and for pairing with soups or salads.  Half-sandwich boxes give the customer a clean, attractive, untouched half sandwich with a small label for contents identification.  Our half sandwich boxes are a great alternative to plastic dome trays with pinwheeled sandwiches – no touching of individual sandwiches required.

Grab and Go Packaging

FC Meyer can custom manufacture window packaging for any size bread or roll or lunch box combinations that include sandwiches and/or salad boxes.  In fact, our MeyerWindow #4 is designed to fit perfectly in the console of country club golf carts!  FC Meyer Packaging Sandwich Boxes make your product look the best it can be. Eye-appeal is buy-appeal!