Environment Fact Sheet

MeyerPak’s green food packaging manufacturing process includes sourcing both virgin and recycled paperboard and using water-based inks, coatings and adhesives.

Virgin Paperboard

MeyerPak’s virgin fibre items (white, black) are sourced from sustainably managed forestry companies.

Recycled Fibre Paperboard

MeyerPak 100% recycled to-go boxes are Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certified, made from minimum 58% Post Consumer Waste (“PCW”).

Inks and Coatings

Our water-based inks and coatings are low Volatile Organic Compounds (“VOC”) that do not negatively burden the local manufacturing bubble.  Our process does not stress the atmosphere, water, or industrial waste disposal in our manufacturing community.  Special colors are recycled to black.  Coatings have dual formulation for grease and moisture resistance.


MeyerPak’s water-based technology does not have residual odors that can be transferred to the food product.

Anti-Fingerprint Water-Based Coatings (Patent Pending)

Our anti-fingerprint coating is water-based and can be applied to inexpensive, uncoated, 100% recycled paperboard.  The result of our process is a surface that does not result in fingerprints or stains when coming in casual contact with back-of-the-house handling.


In all of our food containers, MeyerPak uses non-toxic, water-based, non-petroleum content adhesives.

Business and the environment do not have to be at odds with each other.  At MeyerPak we’re making a difference, so you can too!