Single and Combo-order Burger Boxes

MeyerPak boxes combined with a two-cell divider are the perfect combination for transporting burgers and sides such as fries or chips.  MeyerPak burger boxes are web cornered, naturally vented and interior-coated to prevent leaking and maintain food texture consistency.

Our MeyerPak #1 burger boxes are big enough and tall enough for single gourmet and artisanal burgers.  For burger combos with sides, MeyerPak #4 fits our two-cell divider — two burgers or a burger and a side can be kept separate during transport.

Anti-fingerprint exterior

Our exclusive, patent pending anti-fingerprint coating is insurance that the finished product is clean and free from objectionable greasy fingerprints by kitchen staff.

Custom Printed Boxes

MeyerPak’s creative team can custom-design your burger box to include exterior branding and messaging.