Bakery Food Packaging

Stock and Custom Bakery Boxes

FC Meyer Packaging manufactures bakery food packaging that provides protection, visibility, as well as easy opening and serving features.  Our bakery boxes can feature graphics that complement, rather than compete with, your fine baked goods.

Bakery Window Boxes

Feature your baked goods in MeyerWindow™ window boxes. Our clear-film box top lets your product shine through while providing protection from the environment.

Stock Baked Goods Boxes

MeyerPak™ cartons, MeyerBarn™ barn boxes and MeyerSnack™ small boxes stock sizes are perfect for bakery and cafés foodstuffs including cookies, doughnuts and cakes, providing multiple uses and complete product protection on all sides.

When it comes to having a complete custom bakery packaging program, we have all the capabilities and creative resources to provide your bakery with the packaging that is customer tailored to your product and marketing objectives.

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