Transition to Paperboard from Non-Recyclable Materials

From our largest cities to our local communities and school districts, packaging in its end use and end-of-life-cycle has garnered a keen awareness.  Our product line — from our stock products to our custom packaging capabilities — is an excellent choice to comply with the most aggressive municipal statutes of packaging requirements.  For example: our food and beverage trays, concession/stadium trays, and job-site order trays are 100% recycled, 58% PCW (Post Consumer Waste), and are compostable with organic waste.

Grease Resistant, Anti-Fingerprint Coatings for Recyclable Packaging

Our exclusive grease resistant and anti-fingerprint coating can be applied to both hot and cold sandwich packaging and is completely compliant and efficient in replacing non-recyclable, oil-based foam packaging.  We are continuing our quest for developing protective, compostable products, i.e. “Smart Packaging” alternatives that do not make transition decisions financially punitive.

Doing the right thing for the environment does not have to be at odds with your business objectives.

Make the Transition to Paperboard Packaging

Our Transition Guide Table is a useful reference for transitioning from current non-recyclable packaging to paperboard packaging by FC Meyer. We can also custom engineer a packaging program to meet or exceed the most rigorous municipal requirements.