The #4 Ventilated Burger Box

Our Ventilated Burger Box is a combination of a specially designed take out box and insert divider. This patent-pending system separates the take out box into three unique sections; each section specifically designed around the food it is meant to hold.

The french-fry section has air vents on the side and on the top, allowing ambient air to enter through the side, and exit through the top of the box, thereby keeping the french-fries crispy. The center section of the box has no vents, thus allowing the burger to not only stay warm, but also untouched by the french-fries or vegetables. The small section holds the vegetable set-up, retaining the veggies’ fresh texture, while at the same time preventing the burger bun from getting soggy.

When your customers receive their burgers in one of our Ventilated Burger Boxes, you and they both know that their food will arrive as intended!

  • Extra sturdy 100% recycled paperboard
  • Made of 58% post consumer waste content
  • FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody certified
  • Special divider acts to separate contents (divider-insert is a separate SKU)
  • Uniquely designed take out box has air vents on one side and on the top
  • Extra height to accommodate large burgers and toppings
  • In stock and ready for immediate shipment
  • See video below for demonstration

Product Item # Dimensions Sleeve Pack Pack Case Weight Case Cube
#4 Vented MeyerPak™ Box (Patent Pending) MPKV0044 7 3/4” x 5 12” x 3 12 4/40 160 23lb 3.45
3-cell Kraft “Burger” Divider™ MPBD4000 Folds to fit into #4 vented box above N/A 400 18lb 0.53