Hotels, Convention and Conference Centers


Limited-Menu Hotel Bistros offer guests convenient, fast service for eat-in or take-out. The overwhelming majority of these meals are for take-out to guest rooms where the guest can relax or do some after-hours work.

Our large variety of MeyerPak™ sizes combined with our exclusive anti-fingerprint coating for our kraft take-out boxes is an excellent way to pack your total offering from the sides to the mains.

In addition, our Stadium Tray is perfect to carry food and beverages back to the room safely and securely. Our MeyerPaks™ #2 and #3 fit snuggly within the Stadium Tray, for the ultimate in food and beverage transport.

Conference Centers

Our MeyerBarns™ and MeyerWindows™ are ideal for conference centers and grab-and-go lunches such as sandwiches and salads.

Sometimes off-site conference catering requires a box that stacks and delivers for maximum space efficiency. Our top-of-the-line Catering Boxes in one-piece or two-piece sleeve-style construction are excellent vehicles for a sandwich, side salad/bag of chips, brownie, or fruit item and a bottle of water.


Want to give your take-out packaging some pop? We can customize any of our products to include your branding! Send us your designs or artwork, OR work with our in-house team of designers to create something new and exciting. Customized packaging adds professionalism and advertising value to those looking to take their organizations to the next level.