Taco Takeout and Mexican Food Packaging

FC Meyer Packaging manufactures specialized taco packaging and inserts that will accommodate up to three tacos per box.  The benefits of this packaging are two-fold: presentation and separation.  Contents will stay upright and not spill.  Specialized separators keep individual tacos from sticking to one another and allow consumers to remove them one-at-a-time.

This box type can also be used for other foods such as a small order of nachos, guacamole, salsa and other condiment containers, and side salads.  This packaging is ideal for Mexican-style restaurant take-out orders, as well as food trucks selling to customer on-the-go.

Patented Taco Dividers for Packing Efficiency and Outstanding Presentation

Our patented taco dividers are a solution designed to separate the taco inside the box, which eliminates fusing of the tacos and hot contents.  The dividers position the individual tacos so the operator does not have to wrap each taco individually, nor overfill the taco to prevent movement.  The divider design allows tacos to stand upright inside the box, which presents a build facing the guest as the box opens.

Taco Catering Boxes – The FC Meyer Catering Cube

The FC Meyer Catering Cube system lets your customers bring the taco party home!  The efficient cube outer packaging contains enough internal packaging and inserts for a 10-person taco party.  The cube system includes nine leak and grease resistant boxes for tortillas, three proteins, and five toppings, all packed together.  MeyerCube creates a profitable catering opportunity for your restaurant by allowing you to combine existing MeyerPak packaging into a single system for delivery.

Packaging for other Mexican Favorites

MeyerPak packaging is suitable for a range of Mexican-style foods including burritos, enchiladas, empanadas, quesadillas and taco salads.  Our full range of box sizes can accommodate your complete menu for take out.