Food Packaging Solutions

Our FSC-certified carryout and catering boxes come in a variety of standard sizes.
We also provide custom packaging solutions including custom design and packaging branding.


MeyerPak Take-Out

Leak and grease-resistant food containers in a variety of volume and finish options.

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MeyerDividers and Taco Dividers

Two-cell, Three-cell and accordion-style dividers that separate food items during transport.

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Windowed Boxes

Anti-Fog window material to display your food. Our fold-over lid provides a maximum viewing area.

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Barn Boxes

High gloss-coated, stain-resistant and built for large meal delivery or grab-and-go meals.

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Pedestal Drink Carriers

Available in 2-cup, 4-cup, and large-sized 4-cup versions for securely transporting to-go beverages.

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MeyerSnack Small Meal
and Snack Boxes

Small meal/item boxes that are vented and designed to tuck-and-lock close. Sturdy enough for stacking.

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MeyerCube Catering
Box System

Combine multiple meal dishes or ingredients in a sturdy cube. Ensures food consistency during delivery.

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MeyerSafe Insulated
Party Delivery System

Insulated bags designed to enclose MeyerPak packaging. Keeps hot food hot and cold food cold.

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New Products

MeyerCube Catering Box

Combine several of our smaller take out carton options into a MeyerCube catering box for a full meal delivery. MeyerCube catering boxes are designed to hold individual MeyerPak take out packages to keep food-stuffs separate.

MeyerCube Catering Boxes

MeyerPak is an innovator in takeout packaging design and manufacturing, leading to more efficient food delivery with minimal loss of food quality.

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