Food Takeout or Food on Demand saves the consumer time and effort in bringing their favorite restaurant experience and food to their home.

In delivering convenience, when a restaurant assigns their product, product quality and their service reputation to a third party, assurance that these expectations will be met also include packaging of the food, and the packaging’s ability to present the food in the best most appetizing manner, at the optimal temperature (hot or cold) and the security that the product will arrive sealed with full tamper evidence.

Let us show you how MeyerSafe™ works!

MeyerSafe™ security packagingThe 16 x 18 MeyerSafe™ bag is specially designed to fit any combination of MeyerPaks™ for any menu format:

  • The food is packed by the restaurant in the MeyerPak™ take out packaging.
  • The bag is sealed with the peel and seal tape.
  • The label is filled out with the address of the individual ordering the product, and the name of the third party delivery company.
  • The sealed bag then has the supplied security label (provided) attached over the main seal, and is turned over to the third party delivery company.

The Security Seal indicates the following:

Security Seal label

The Security Seal is specially made with a super aggressive adhesive and is custom die cut with a cross-hatch perforation that will break the seal if the package is tampered with…100%!

No one delivers a more comprehensive Third Party Delivery Security System MeyerSafe™ than FC Meyer Packaging.