Great Burgers Deserve and Demand Great Packaging!

Burgers keep getting bigger, the toppings more exotic, and buns are not the same old white bread hamburger buns your mother bought for the backyard cookouts when you were a kid.

Today, the buns are just as much a star as the burger: Brioche, Sourdough, 7 Grain, Ciabatta, Pretzel, Rye, White Mountain Kaiser, Caramelized Onion, are all different buns used to make a signature burger.

Unfortunately, if the burger is not packaged correctly, everything gets lost, in both the translation and the transit.

Everything in its place. All of the elements – burger, fries, bun, vegetable setup, require their own environment to retain optimal textural integrity, which is why we created this unique package.

This two-piece packaging system consists of a specially vented, nested, web corner box that is extra-deep to handle the highest tiers of toppings. The box itself features a special set of induction vents on the end that draw in the ambient air, circulating it around the fries and raising the steam vapor up to the top of the box and out, so the fries stay crisp.

The second component is an easy-to-assemble three-cell divider that separates the French Fries or Fried Onion Rings from the burger and veggie toppings. The burger stays warm in its cell, and the veggies stay on the side, not only retaining their texture and not wilting next to the burger, but also keeping the burger from being cooled by the cool vegetables stacked on the meat in transit. In addition, separating the veggies also keeps the bun from getting soggy.

Finally, the interior divider’s depth extends to the very top edge of the box, giving the package excellent stacking strength for pickup and delivery.

The Environmental Pedigree. The entire packaging system has the best environmental pedigree with a light footprint you can be proud of:

  • 100% recycled fibre
  • 58% PCW (Post-Consumer Waste) Content
  • Water-based inks, coatings, and adhesives
  • FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody certified – A globally respected mark of environmental stewardship

Custom Branding. We can custom design the box with your logo and copy, 25,000 minimum run quantity.

Give your Burger some love with FC Meyer Packaging’s Ventilated Burger Box!